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…Dumbledore had died knowing that three people still knew about the Horcruxes; now Neville would take Harry’s place: There would still be three in the secret.
“Just in case they’re — busy — and you get the chance —” 
“Kill the snake?”
“Kill the snake,” Harry repeated.
“All right, Harry. You’re okay, are you?”
“I’m fine. Thanks, Neville.”
But Neville seized his wrist as Harry made to move on.
“We’re all going to keep fighting, Harry. You know that?” 
“Yeah, I —”
The suffocating feeling extinguished the end of the sentence; he could not go on. Neville did not seem to find it strange. He patted Harry on the shoulder, released him, and walked away to look for more bodies. 

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So in class the other day we were learning about the sleeping habits of newborn babies when one of the guys says “I would nickname my baby Gotham, so in the middle of the night when the baby cries my partner can whisper “Gotham needs you” and I would feel excellent about having to get out of bed”.

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LITTLE REASONS TO SMILE: the sound of a perfect high five

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My mom told me to “find a man who respects you like a sea captain respects the sea.” A man who looks at you with awe and reverence but knows you are a force of nature. I like that.

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what if you woke up one day and you were hot

idk i’d probably open the window or something

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bucksteve asked you: aaron paul or matt smith?

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Charizard X


Charizard X

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Dylan + Behind the scenes of photoshoots

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